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The World Economic View in real-time information services by ATAF LLC ( is the web-based source that covers the global economy and financial markets around the clock. The service provides a best-in-class technology platform for real-time analysis of key economic and financial market developments along with leading indicators, forecasts, and analyses of the global economy. ATAF's World Economy at a Glance provides its users with Economic Market Data and enable them an easy access to thousands of economic indicators, analysis of economic events, trends, risks, and real-time charts of The Top Economies in the World.

ATAF LLC ( provides up-to-date real-time numbers compared by country for government revenues & debts, tax rates, GDP, economic growth, stock market screener, business indices, investment, household consumption, consumer indices, retail sales, inflation, private credit, interest rates, labor cost, employment, and many other indicators. Our team of economists adds new data to the website constantly. All series are thoroughly checked for accuracy and consistency across countries and time. You can see the latest data updates in real-time and, as an example, a global overview of economic growth. You are able to explore the entire data availability by country and by indicator.

Better Charting - Smarter Investing !

ATAF LLC delivers advanced charts, tools and resources you need to succeed in the markets. Our Economic Market Data are based on a most trusted technical analysis platform for more than two decades, and include over thousands of economic indicators across the world's countries and you can access them all everywhere online in your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Your most Trusted Online Market Data Service Provider

Your Success is Our Goal: Your online Economic Market Data is the key to the success of your business or company. We're constantly working about how to improve and updating our products and services for you. We work hard so that anyone can benefit the best possible online economic market solutions. There's never a good time for problems. That's why our support is available every business day of the year!

Market Data Access Plan and Payment Options: The costs to access all Economic Market Data is just US$ 39.00 for monthly payment or when paying for 6 months it costs US$ 209.00 (11% off), or you can get a 17% off on annually payment when paying US$ 389.00 per year and save US$ 79.00 (2 months off) a year. All prices include sales tax (VAT). Payments are one-time payments, not subscriptions, and will not be renewed automatically. You can set your own time frame for accessing the database as you like, e.g. 1 month access. You can access all market data as many times as you want during that period and you have no limitation on data downloads or use of the data. Economic Market Data will include all countries, all indicators and all years in our database. Get started and sign up your account now and get full access to our market data.

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